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Inkbox Artist Kit | Semi-permanent tattoo

Inkbox Artist Kit | Semi-permanent tattoo

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Featuring the Fine and Medium markers, plus our Tracing Pen and supplies, this kit includes all the basics you need to start tattooing! You can learn how to use the kit set here.


Unleash your creativity and bring your tattoo dreams to life! Easily create tattoos that last 1-2 weeks with our new suite of self-expression tools.


The Freehand Tattoo Marker Artist Kit comes complete with everything you need to trace, transfer, and draw one-of-a-kind designs. From hyper-detailed realism tattoos to flowy, abstract pieces — the possibilities are endless. 



  • 1 Freehand Tattoo Marker : Fine
  • 1 Freehand Tattoo Marker : Medium
  • 1 Tracing Pen
  • 1 Glove
  • Tracing Paper (50 sheets)
  • Stencil Cream
  • Instructions
  • Access to the Trace App

Easy-to-Use | Designs Last 1-2 Weeks | Cruetly-Free & Vegan | Long-Lasting Marker 

*Not intended for face, lips, eyes, neck, upper chest, intimate areas, irritated skin, or damaged skin.
*Tattoos last approximately 1-2 weeks.

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