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Ghostly | inkperfect's Jagua 5cm x 5cm

Ghostly | inkperfect's Jagua 5cm x 5cm

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Newest jagua tattoo technology - jagua semi-permanent tattoo sticker last up to 14 days. 

Tattoo will develop from 12 hours onward and develop fully at 36 hours mark. Apply only on clean and dry skin. 

The effect is very much similar to Inkbox's stickers (we love inkbox) and we are constantly looking to launch a jagua version because:

♡ We want to simplify the application process (you only need water!)
♡ A more affordable option so tattoos lover can wear them daily!
♡ Skin-safe! Jagua is a natural ingredient derived from plants :))

Tattoo size:
Estimated 2 x 2 inches

Commonly used as a:
- Wrist tattoo
- Neck tattoo
- Palm tattoo
- Sleeve tattoo
- Thigh tattoo
- Ankle tattoo
- Half-sleeve tattoo (use a few of them to create your half-sleeves)
- Full-sleeve tattoo (use multiple of them to create your full-sleeves)

ghost tattoo
halloween tattoo

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How to use?

💧 All you need is water only!
⏳ Tattoo will develop within 36 hours.

1. Clean and dry your skin.
2. Remove the transparent flim.
3. Place tattoo face down on skin.
4. Wet the back of the tattoo thoroughly and press firmly for ~30 seconds.
5. Gently peel off the back paper and allow the tattoo to dry.

Where to put the tattoo?

When placed on areas of the body where there is a high chance of abrasion or friction, such as the inner elbow, are more susceptible to fading or becoming uneven over time. The skin in these areas is constantly flexing and rubbing against clothing and other surfaces, which can lead to several issues:

  1. Fading: The constant friction can cause the tattoo ink to break down more quickly, leading to fading and loss of vibrancy. This may result in the need for touch-ups or color enhancements over time.
  2. Uneven wear: The skin on the inner elbow can stretch and contract as you move your arm, which can cause the tattoo to wear unevenly. This can result in certain parts of the tattoo appearing more faded or distorted compared to other areas.
  3. Chipping or blurring: Intense friction can cause the tattoo to become blurred or chipped over time. This is more likely to happen if the tattoo is not well-protected or properly cared for during the healing process.


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