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Dragon and Dream Catcher | Thigh temporary tattoo

Dragon and Dream Catcher | Thigh temporary tattoo

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Just like the fairy tale. 

20cm x 10cm. Note that the lotus in the tattoo is coloured. 

Tattoos can last up to 9 days!

Best places to put your tattoos include:
Half-sleeve tattoos
Full-sleeve tattoos
Thigh tattoos
Back tattoos
Chest tattoos
Calves tattoos

1. Remove the protective top sheet.
2. Apply the tattoo firmly onto your skin with the sticky side with the design facing down.
3. Put a damp sponge on top of the tattoo and press for ~30 seconds.
4. Remove the back paper smoothly and leave the design to dry up for a few minutes. For best results, pour some water on the tattoo and let it dry again.


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