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Inkbox Temporary Tattoos Marker

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Current batch arrived in Singapore on 11 June 2022 :)

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Inkbox latest creation - Inkbox Temporary Tattoo Marker🖊🖊🖊
Each marker comes with reusable development patch.

Inkbox marker gives you the chance to create your own tattoo designs. Your personal masterpiece will develop in 24-36 hours and last 1-2 weeks. Easy Peazy!

*Not intended for face, lips, eyes, neck, upper chest, intimate areas, irritated skin, or damaged skin.
*Tattoos last approximately 1-2 weeks.


Water, Jagua Powder, Jagua Juice and Lavender Essential oil.

How to use

> Shake the bottle before application.

> Apply ink on clean and dry skin.

> Wait for ink to dry (at least 3 hour).

> Peel or wash the dried ink away with water.

> Your tattoo will develop within 36 hours.

*Your tattoo stain can last up to 14 days. Feel free to check out tips on how to lengthen the longevity of your tattoos stain here! 


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Temporary Tattoos

Be present. The past is the past and the future don't exist.


Easy-to-carry marker allow you to create your tattoo piece anytime anywhere.