Collection: Inkbox and Jagua | be your own tattoo artist

EXCLUSIVE SALE FROM NOW TILL 24 January 2023, 2359 hours. 

Be your own tattoo artist!

What's stopping you when this is a temporary ink? You never know what masterpiece you are capable of creating. 

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Terms and conditions:

1. All inkbox items are direct from The current batches we are from December 2022 and January 2023. If you are doubtful of the authenticity, then purchase from directly. We deal with no bs. 

2. Our Jagua ink ingredients are food grade with no preservatives added. However, this does not mean that it is edible. Please do not eat the jagua ink! 

3. For people with extremely sensitive skin, you may consider doing a patch test before going for a bigger design. Note that we are not responsible for any allergic reaction caused by inkbox or jagua so be sure to check through the ingredient list first.

4. No exchange and refunds for inkbox marker or jagua ink.