How to make your temporary tattoos stain last longer?

How to make your temporary tattoos stain last longer?

We all know how much effort it takes to create your own favourite temporary tattoo piece, and we want it to last as long as possible! Though we know it will fade off eventually

Here are some tips you can try to lengthen the longevity of your temporary tattoo stain:

1. Leave it on for as long as you can

The recommended duration to leave a tattoo on is generally 1 hour. However, after learning from our customers, we learn that most customers do not mind if the stain is “darker than expected”. Hence, we would recommend to leave it for at least 3 hours before you wash it or peel it off. Again, this is entirely up to you - if you prefer darker stain, then leave it on longer!

Staff opinion: “I personally like to draw my tattoos at night after I bathe and before bed. I will wrap it with tattoo film or sports tape and leave them overnight.”

2. Apply cling wrap or sports tape when your design dried

Our Jagua ink comes with a complimentary piece of film. We would recommend to use the film when the ink is starting to “lose it power” as its expiry is nearing.

3. Avoid scrubbing the area while bathing

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