Collection: inkperfect's jagua semi-permanent tattoos | tattoo stickers

We finally launched our very own inkperfect's jagua stickers after years long of sourcing, r&d and testing to ensure that these Jagua stickers met our gold standard in terms of the application method, tattoos's effect on skin, and how it looked as the final product on our skin!

The effect is very much similar to Inkbox's stickers (we love inkbox) and we are constantly looking to launch a jagua version because:

β™‘ We want to simplify the application process (you only need water!)
β™‘ A more affordable option so tattoos lover can wear them daily!
β™‘ Skin-safe! Jagua is a natural ingredient derived from plants :)


  • How long does jagua tattoo last?

    TLDR: Up to 14 days.

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  • What's the diff between jagua and temporary tattoos?

    TLDR: There are lots of difference between them but their application method is the same.

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  • How to apply jagua tattoo?

    TLDR: Like traditional temporary tattoos, just with water.

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